College Prep Clinics

TOPP College Prep Clinics

Through our travels we have realized that there is a total lack of understanding by players, parents and club coaches about what is necessary to play at the university level. This lack of knowledge is often what causes players not to reach their goals, not their ability.

With this in mind, we have launched the TOPP College Prep Program. The idea is that it is not a College ID event. Instead it serves, on the field to give male and female soccer players all the information that they need on and off the field to play at the university level.

TOPP College Prep Program workshops are a one day event that is held as a combination of on field and classroom instruction.

    About the Program

    • Usually a full day of programming mixed with on and off the field instruction by current and former university coaches and players.

  • Position specific instruction about what coaches are looking for.
  • On field feedback about what players strengths and weaknesses seem to be and what they need to do to put themselves in a better position to get noticed as a high level player.
  • Information on what schools that they should target based on what their academic and financial abilities and limitations are.
  • Information on the university recruitment process in a seminar format, how and when to approach coaches and what to do in different circumstances.
  • A game plan to follow with a plan of action.
  • Information on the TOPP Online Portal and Profile and how to use it to their best advantage.
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