TOPP Events

Our TOPP Events are recognized by university coaches across North America as the place to find the top Canadian talent. We have had 100’s of coaches across the continent attend our events since we debuted our first event in 2008.

What separates our events from others?

  • Exposure/Best Player to Coach Ratio of Any Events in North America:  We have a maximum of 3 fields going at any one time, in one location allowing players to have a realistic opportunity of getting seen by university coaches in attendance. We have had hundreds of players get roster offers and scholarships from our events since we first debuted in 2008, and as former players ourselves, we truly take pride in giving every player that attends our events a realistic opportunity of getting seen and noticed.


  • Selection to TOPP Elite:  Players have an opportunity to be selected to our TOPP Elite program and access to exclusive events and added marketing to university programs in the US and Canada.


  • Educational Seminars for Parents and Players:  We believe understanding the recruiting process and educating players and parents at our events is a key part of a successful recruitment process. Our goal from our events is for every player and parent to walk away understanding exactly what they need to do to be successful in the recruitment process.


  • Exclusive Access to our TOPP Recruiting Portal:  Every player in our TOPP Events will gain access to a TOPP Player Profile and TOPP 10 Step Program to have continued exposure to university coaches and guidance in the recruitment process, long after our events.

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