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The recruiting process can be extremely costly for players that are open to going to schools outside the area that they are from, as parents throw their hard earned money at various showcases and ID Clinics hoping that something will stick. Between flights, hotel, ID clinics, it can become a costly affair.

Step one:  Helping players identify schools that are a legitimate possibility based on their financial, academic and athletic profiles. 

Step Two:  We aim to put together tours that allow players to get a sense of the kind of schools that they would like to attend in the location- Being on campus allows them to answer the following questions and narrow their list. Do they want a big school? A small school? What division fits them best? Religious based or non religious based?

Step Three:  Setting up Tours and ID Clinics for players that have come from other regions. This allows players to save money, and in one go, getting in front of schools in an area they are interested in and getting on campus, connecting with schools that are legitimate possibilities. For schools, seeing the players that are interested in their school and region in a small environment, thus making the recruiting process more time and cost effective for everyone.

TOPP New York / Connecticut ID Clinic

Dates:  Thursday, April 18 to Monday, April 22, 2019

Itinerary:  Will include tours of 5 schools in NCAA D1/2/3 in New York/Connecticut

ID Clinic:  Players will train with university coaches and play full field 11v11 on Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20, 2019 in front of many NCAA coaches

Schools Attending:  TBA

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