Video Highlights

  • 5 minute video
  • Player provides the clips that they are interested in
  • Current or former university coach watches the video
  • At the end, a video that is ready to send out to coaches

Cost: $199 USD

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  • 1 month process
  • Online meeting with player and parents to get an idea of what the player is looking to do in the recruiting process.
  • Together formulate a Target College List that player will begin contacting
  • TOPP will gather the email addresses of the Target College List for players
  • Players will receive a year’s subscription to The Athlete Portal that allows them to see detailed information on every school.
  • Player will receive help sending the first email and setting up for a successful recruiting process.
  • Player will learn how to approach attending Showcases for maximum exposure
  • Player will learn where to save and what to spend money on in the process.
  • Player will learn key factors to make a decision to attend or not attend a recruiting event.
  • TOPP will look over and give feedback on player video.
  • Player will receive information that will give them an edge in the recruiting process.

Cost: $1095 USD- + $99/ 20 minute follow up calls
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