TOPP Core Principles

The TOPP Soccer Philosophy is based on five principles that have been proven to be successful for players time and again in the college recruiting process: education, empowerment, excellence, exposure, and integration


The college recruiting process is a billion dollar industry that preys on parents fear and hope. We have gone through the college process as athletes and also have been NCAA coaches. We understand what to spend time and money on, and where to save.


If you understand the nuances of the system that you are working within then you are able, to be empowered to take the appropriate action. For players, education and empowerment come in the form of understanding what they need to do as players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. For parents, it is knowing, what players need to do off the field in college recruiting and how to best guide their student athletes through the process.


To play in college you have to be a very good player. This ability comes from setting a high bar and being willing to put the time in, in order to be your best self in everything that you do. How much time you are willing to put into an endeavor is going to determine the level of excellence that you achieve. Through our TOPP program, we feel that setting high goals, and making the choice to put the time in to reach them, is a wonderful life lesson that athletes can take that will last far longer than their time on the field. The higher of a standard of excellence that an athlete reaches on the field, in the classroom, and as a community member, will determine the number of options of schools that they will have to choose from.


This is where many players and parents waste a lot of time and money. You can be a fantastic player, but if you aren’t in front of college coaches that are a fit for your athletic, academic and financial profile, then you are going to have a difficult time getting opportunities. We believe our ID Clinics are the most time and cost-effective method for exposure, as players get focused attention from many coaches. For players that are from areas outside of the geographical region that they would like to go to school in, the video is extremely important. Understanding what a great video is comprised of, and how to go about making it, is crucial.


The final piece of the TOPP Soccer philosophy. The college recruiting process has evolved as different groups have figured out how to generate income and done so, but not in a manner that is organized and maximizes both time and money for the recruit and their family. We believe that organization and integration is a key component in a successful recruiting process and that success lies in putting together all the pieces in an organized fashion. This will lead the athlete to the end of the road, with many different choices that will ultimately give them a rewarding four years of college, and the foundation for success for the rest of their lives.

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